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Statistic for 'Provisões para piquenique'

Statistic for the past 7 days
21-10-2017 0
20-10-2017 0
19-10-2017 0
18-10-2017 0
17-10-2017 0
16-10-2017 0
15-10-2017 0

Statistic week-to-week (for the past month)
Number of weekVotes
1 week 0
2 week 0
3 week 0
4 week 0
5 week 0

Statistic year-to-year
2012 0
2013 0
2014 0
2015 0
2016 0
2017 0


06/05/2016 21:09
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06/05/2016 13:22
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03/05/2016 23:48
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03/05/2016 16:48
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02/05/2016 17:00
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