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Statistic for 'Tendências de Moda'

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06/05/2016 13:22
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03/05/2016 23:48
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03/05/2016 16:48
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03/05/2016 16:48
Hangouts are a great idea but the level of quality is lacking. Until they can coentstnsily manage clearer video, stutter free audio and even the occasional dropped connection it will remain more of a novelty for the company I work with. When I need the highest quality audio and video I use Skype. If Google could bring that level of quality to Hangouts it’s be a winner. Not there yet, in my opinion.
02/05/2016 17:25
With the bases loaded you struck us out with that anerws!
02/05/2016 17:04
Hey, that post leaves me feeling foisolh. Kudos to you!

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